Roland TB-03 MIDI CCs & NRPNs

MIDI implementation details for the Roland TB-03

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All CCs

Parameter Description CC MSB CC LSB CC min CC max NRPN MSB NRPN LSB NRPN min NRPN max Orientation Notes Usage
Envelope modulation 12 0 127 0-based
Accent level 16 0 127 0-based
Overdrive 17 0 127 0-based
Delay time 18 0 127 0-based
Delay feedback 19 0 127 0-based
Resonance 71 0 127 0-based
Filter cutoff frequency 74 0 127 0-based
Decay 75 0 127 0-based
Slide status 102 0 127 0-based
Tuning 104 0 127 0-based

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